Saturday 13 April 2013

I for Imagination!

  What do you see? Are they just wearing aprons, or is that an awesome astonaut, a pretty princess and a very special super hero standing there?

Spanish company Mon Oncle (remember their beautiful products and styling? I knew this was a shop to watch!) have just introduced their SS13 collection for kids (and adults!), and I love their original range of soft toys and accessories.

Illustrated and designed by the very talented Marc Sard√† and Patricia Bolinches (creative director at Mon Oncle), this new graphic range includes simple swords, laser guns, medals, horses, ballerinas, trains, snakes, castles, reversible necklaces, collars, aprons and jewels. Or are they just pieces of printed cloth?

If you are looking for something unique, fun and reasonably-priced for a birthday party or the long Summer holidays, Mon Oncle could be the place for you. 


  1. Love their soft toys! Have been looking for something like that, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for inspiring me to write todays post on Little Scandinavian. I'm a bit concerned about apps for babies and the fact that children seem to have stopped playing by the age of 8. Other parents react in negative surprise when they learn that B age 11 still plays (something we are proud off!).

    As always, you are a true inspiration with relevant posts. x


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