Thursday 15 October 2009

The passing of time

Inspired by Elle Decoration SA's beautiful post on Irish-born American artist Sean Scully, and Isabelle's wall photos over at Lou & Tom, I'd like to introduce you to two British artists -

English Oak Quercus Robur 2
Gate post, Gayles Farm, Friston, East Sussex

Stages of weathering in a coastal location over a thirty year period.

Sycamore Acer Psuedoplantus 1
Stump, Gap Brow, East Sussex

Logitutudinal sections containing wet rot.

Common Holly Ilex Aquifolium
Hedgerow pruning, Willingdon, East Sussex

Transverse sections through branch containing wet rot

Wycliffe Stutchbury makes beautiful wood compositions from fallen and forgotten timber. His one-off pieces aim to show how timber responds to the environment over time, revealing its unfashioned beauty, durability and vulnerability. Stutchbury has just exhibited at the Origin London Craft Fair at Somerset House. I found his work through All Things Original's new blog.

Sam Lock

plate9 Oils and mixed media on constructed board

plate37 Oils and mixed media on constructed board

plate21 Oils and mixed media on constructed board

Sam Lock's paintings contain surfaces built up over time and through approaches and material choices, where layers, scratches, colours, stains, marks, floods, remnants and hints co-exist. In his own words "My aim is to create an emotional sense of space and place, where time ravages, wind blows, seas swell, places are found, days dwindle, moments are present then past". I found Sam's work via the excellent MADE.


  1. The common holly definitely has a face doesn't it, it's quite amazing. I love the photos at the top. I often take pics like this myself, I like the natural textural quality. I once passed a barn that had beautiful discoloured painted wood, when I went back with my camera someone had painted it white.

  2. He certainly achieves what he sets out to in my case. Of course, I'm biased - that's why I paint on wood too. It lives. Wonderful post again Deborah

  3. The Common Holly obviously doesn't like its name, Its not happy!, what a lovely collection of work thank you.


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