Wednesday, 28 May 2014

High Five #87

"Zoo" is no ordinary kids' rocker.
For a start, it's several rockers all in one.
Want to ride a goat? Your wish is my command!
Fancy playing on a giraffe or an elephant today? I think we can manage that too.

Designed by Greek design studio elevenpercent, this smart rocker, made from CNC processed plywood, can also be a horse, a lion, a dog and a moose. How fun is that!

But wait, there's more! When your little ones have finished playing, they can remove the interchangeable cardboard heads and place the wooden 'body' upright to make a small bookshelf, thus saving space. 

Elevenpercent have even thought about older brothers and sisters or mums and dads. Zoo exists in two sizes and the larger model has a tail allowing it to convert into a floorlight - magic!

Please contact 11% in English for further product information.

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