Tuesday 13 January 2015

Simply Projekt-I


 I have very simple tastes,
no fuss, no frills, no excess.
As the years go by, I'm happy to live with less,
It's liberating, 
free space, 
a free mind.

ahh - peace at last!

I love living with a minimal palette of whites, greys, blacks and wood - lots of it, and the older and more distressed the better.

Textiles are important for me too.
Nothing beats a vintage French linen sheet thrown over a sofa, apart from a hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-plaited bedhead perhaps?

I'm pretty certain that I would feel at home in this amazing space renovated by the talented Polish design team over at Projekt-I. I'm convinced we'd get on well, full stop, in fact. Do you remember my first  post on Taftyli a couple of years ago? I fell in love with the original textile creations of these two sisters when they were just setting up their etsy business. I adore their sense of colour and experiments with texture.

There's SO much more to Sylwia and Dorota though! I'd love to be able to share pictures of all their interior design projects but, hopefully after seeing these few images from a recent renovation you'll go off and explore their projekt-i blog or Facebook page on your own. The two Polish sisters run projekt-i with Sywia's husband Andrzej. They have a Polish shop called FreeDOM, as well as making and selling their fabulous wares on etsy.

What did I say back in 2013, one to watch? Make that three...


  1. Beautiful in it's simplicity.

  2. That headboard. Stunning! Love this yummy and relaxing home. <3


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