Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tumblr Thursday: Write On The Sand


Leather, denim, inky black and blue.

The weather's been foul here the last couple of days, I guess that explains my new mood. A sudden urge to wrap up, bring out my old, distressed boots and imagine it's Autumn,
for one week, at least!

I like men's fashion, as some of you will have guessed, so Write On The Sand is perfect for me today. Dark, masculine and poetical, this tumblr has a strong industrial vibe that   many of you will love!I'm not the only rags and rust gal out there, am I ?

Are you following any inspiring men's fashion blogs, I wonder? 
Iron Charlie, on etsy, has some interesting men's clothes and accessories for sale.

Thanks for the inspiration:
 (all images taken from Write On The Sand)

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