Wednesday 7 August 2013

Let Me Grow

Let me be
Let me blossom, flourish,
 Let me become

Severina Kids and Rigoberta del Tesouro have sown the first seeds.
The fruit of their debut collaboration is currently on display at STU in Buenos Aires
a shop I'd love to visit some day.

Ale and Rigoberta have made a special series of 25 dolls adorned with beautiful handmade dresses and tiaras. As you can see, the details on these dolls' clothes are quite exquisite. The vintage linen and cotton clothes were handdyed, handpainted and handembroidered by Severina Kids and Rigoberta has designed a gorgeous collection of matching tiaras made from flowers and leaves, which will also be available in children's sizes.

This is but the first stage of the Let Me Grow project. Ale and Rigoberta are busy preparing a second, slightly different line of products which they hope to launch next Spring in Buenos Aires and Uruguay.

The infinite hope of the seed.

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