Friday, 19 December 2014

Inspiration: Hanato Morito


What a soothing way to end a busy, stressful week.

 Japanese illustrator Fumi Morimoto and Netherlands-based creative director Soonhwa Kang have sown the first seeds of a very special project. Aiming to design products that will inspire and be appreciated by children and parents every day, their first collaboration comes in the form of a beautiful alphabet poster, available on etsy.

Tokyo-born Soonhwa felt it was the right moment to create a Japanese Hiragana poster for her son when he showed an interest in learning the Japanese alphabet. She wanted to make him something special to keep and remember for a long time. I am in love with Fumi Morimoto's animal illustrations; what an original use of colour! 

The creative duo are putting the final touches on a Dutch animal ABC and animal Hiragana cards, so do keep an eye open for new work in the coming months.

Another team to follow in 2015!

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