Sunday 1 November 2009

Pacha Design

Leaf Lantern

Medium portrait Cornish slate mirror

Small square Cornish slate clock

Small rectangular Cornish slate clock

White top oak tea-light blocks

Panoramic Cornish slate mirror
reclaimed Cornish slate with rusty bolts detail

I have just discovered the beautiful work of Glenn Rushbrooke and Samantha Robb, a.k.a. Pacha Design, and oh my, it's everything I love! Inspired by the natural state of decay and the rawness of oak, slate and metal, this Welcombe-based design/make partnership produce a striking range of contemporary furniture and accessories from locally sourced reclaimed & natural resources. Pacha, green and pure, combines pared down aesthetics with the Japanese view of Wabi Sabi, beauty in imperfection. Magnifique!

"We like simple, uncomplicated design. We are not led by trends. Our work is understated, often with an asymmetrical marriage of materials. This simplicity ensures that the materials play a major part in the overall appearance, resulting in the pieces working well in modern minimalist spaces as well as more rustic environments".

Pacha's accessories can be purchased online and they also take commissions. Don't forget to check out their blog as well. I'm saving up for some leaf lanterns, a clock and a mirror... more presents to add to my wish-list!

Found via Marjorie from Chemin des Muguets


  1. That long slate mirror is stunning!

  2. Oh, those leaf lanterns are just exquisite! Kx

  3. oh yes a beautiful find. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I LOVE the Wabi Sabi idea (have you read L'art de la Simplicité). I too am taking out clutter and reducing everything to its simplest ( just a splash of colour here and there). I am finally managing to do the same even with respect to food... These are stunning!

  5. hi deborah,

    thankyou so much for featuring our work, we are extremely flattered and what a lovely surprise too!
    thanks too for all your comments ... you should certainly visit baileys on your next visit to the uk - it's a stunning shop and their new book is lovely too.
    we shall look up your post about anu tuominen (we hadn't heard of her before) and let you know what we think.
    so pleased you like claire's work, we just got her new little book posted to us but one day we will hopefully buy a piece of her work.

    and we are very happy that you like our work too, thankyou again for the lovely compliments.
    and great blog, by the way, we shall keep popping by.

    sammy and glenn

  6. That leaf lantern blew me jaw just dropped.


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