Saturday 9 July 2011

Along A Long Road

Miles had two favourite English books up until yesterday.
Richard McGuire's Night Becomes Day  and Christoph Niemann's Subway have pride of place in his bookcase (along with many a Dr Seuss and Dennis Lee poems, I hasten to add). The visual and lyrical appeal is obvious. Miles likes his rhymes (to his mum's delight) and although he is only just starting to read in French, he knows these easy-to-read stories off by heart, and was proud to take them to school to show them to his friends.

 And now he has another one to share - award-winning artist and designer Frank Viva's first children's book "Along A Long Road". After seeing it on Ohdeedoh a few ago I thought I'd order it to put away for Miles for Christmas. However when it arrived yesterday, I knew I couldn't wait.

See the road?
There it goes!
From page to page
Without a break

We've read the story over and over,
Following the lone cyclist's ride from cover to cover,
Tracing his journey on the shiny yellow track,
Up and down, in and out, through and around.

A new favourite
A must-have
For young and old alike!

(c'est même mieux qu'une nouvelle toupie Beyblade selon Miles...)


  1. beautiful illustrations indeed : )

  2. I love the illustrations and the concept!

  3. That looks like an amazing book, one that my have to grace my little ones shelves too!!

  4. Thanks for showing us these wonders


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