Sunday, 23 November 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: The Floral Family

Well, I'm back in the land of the living after catching a nasty sickness bug last week.
I'm sorry it's been so quiet, it's not like me to stay offline for so long.

I'd like to start the new week with another selection of gifts, this time with a floral theme. I'm really into all the modern and vintage botanical prints that are trending right now, so here are a few arty ideas for plant lovers, big and small.

 I hope you'll find something inspiring amongst them!

Happy Shopping:
1) - Mountain tapestry - Belles and Ghosts
2) - Black paper flower garland - Les Copirates
3) - Turtle softy - Jo Waterhouse
4) - Ficus cushion cover - Vontrueba
5) - ABC for the spelling bee - Rebel Walls
6) - Zoe organic floral bonnet - Roar Haus
7) - Morning Kite - Fredericks & Mae
8) - California palm trees - Luna Reef
9) - Dark wall mural - Anewalldecor
10) - Tulip photograph - Oh Pretty Shiny
11) - Fabric Feather - Puur Anders


  1. Thank you for including my Zoe bonnet in your round up! Such a beautifully curated collection.

    1. Oh, it's my pleasure Amber. Your bonnets are so lovely!


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