Monday, 10 November 2014

Shop Watch: Have Company


Yes, I'll HAVE it all please!

Seriously, ever since Marie tweeted to me about Marlee Grace's beautiful shop, gallery and residency space in Grand Rapids, USA, a short while ago, I've discovered so many inspiring artists and makers.

If you're like me and get excited about finding new, unique home goods, textiles, jewelry and clothing, or can never resist an original zine or good-looking card, you're in for a treat over at Have Company's online shop, blog, instagram feed and facebook page.

Marlee appears to have a knack for sourcing unusual, one-off items, made by hand by passionate creatives. Her bricks-and-mortar boutique is the kind of place I dream of doing my Christmas shopping in; somewhere small, friendly and very special, with a great sense of community.

I encourage you to take your time browsing this address, Marlee loves drinking tea, so pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy!


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