Friday, 14 November 2014

Inspiration: My Xmas!

Well, My Xmas
And so much more...

It's been a long, long week here and I'm ready for a couple of days rest with my family.
We don't really have much planned, and the weather forecast is pretty lousy, but it's starting to feel a bit Christmassy here. I couldn't believe the lights were up in our village when I nipped to the baker's late last night. 'Twas a magical, surprising sight!

With Christmas in mind, I'd like to sign off by sharing these few images from French company Hytt Design's new My Xmas collection. You may already be familiar with Aurélie Richard's beautiful work, especially her vases or lights (Edward is amazing!).

Wooden spinning tops decorations, green pompom garlands, snowflakes, stars or an unusual wicker tree (designed by Aurélie in collaboration with Pascale Comte) - these are the things that handmade, original and poetical Christmases are made of!

Oh, before I forget - Don't be put off by all the French, use an online translator or shoot Aurélie an email in English, she studied in the UK!

Bon Week-end !

Photos: Fabien Perrier 


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