Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Rita and friends

I'd like to introduce you to Rita, one of my new Polish finds.

She's actually a friend of Robin Hood and hangs around with this cool looking crowd

who happen to know these nice ladies

all made by hand using quality recycled materials.

Once again, I am smitten. Not only with these soft toys, but also with Isabella's bags, sketches

and website.
Do go take a peek!


  1. How adorable are these dolls! I also love the fabric used in making them.

  2. Très jolie trouvaille. Je lui volerais bien sa robe.

  3. I'm smitten like you! How cool are these friends. xx

  4. Vraiment super, j'aime le côté naïf et les associations de couleurs !

  5. Great post i love these kind of dolls !!


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