Friday, 3 September 2010

Positively Beautiful

Just look at these amazing wall vases!
Jane Schouten (a.k.a. All The Luck in The World) made them from the old ceramic humidifiers that Dutch people hang onto radiators. So clever, don't you think?

I've featured the vintage toy side of Jane's business before, and never tire of visiting her beautiful blog. Her recently opened etsy shop is equally as inspiring and colourful, offering little boxes of positivity, tins full of goodies, happy showcases and positive cabinets.

Those three magic Rs again
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Just what the doctor ordered for those dark winter months!


  1. The house is amazing! Another great find:)Thank you and happy weekend!

  2. Ah yes, I love her blog/shop too...think I may have to do a little post about her also...have you seen the chair on her blog? Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Those ceramic vases are gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial link. I know a person who will love to try it out.

  4. i really love her work also, I love the 3r's elements & her fluro highlights. Have a lovely weekend, we've been warned to batten down the hatches for up to 100K winds, hence a day inside!

  5. I looooooove the vases! i remember the first time I saw them I just sighed... so beautiful! xo Hope you're well Deb. xo

  6. And she's also in our market this month!

    : )

  7. Thank you all! Deborah, your blog is lovely, I've added it to my favorites!

  8. Yes, these are very happy and inspiring ideas for those long winter evenings!


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