Thursday 21 April 2011

Riding on a Donkey

I have been working on a few guest posts for a friend who will soon be launching a very exciting new publication. All will be revealed très bientôt...
Just wanted to share this old (!!!) black & white photo of yours truly riding on a donkey. I don't look that impressed, do I?

My Image of the Day.


  1. Haha, I remember donkey rides when I was young, they were always over too soon for my liking.

  2. You have the same expression that you have in your "find me here" photo! Lol! Somethings never change.

  3. Yes, probably, although I have lost my cheeks!

  4. Your look is a bit like 'what else is new' funny!

  5. Oh you were beautiful even from babyhood.

  6. That's a very cute picture!
    And no, you don't look so impressed..
    you look like you're thinking: 'That donkey smells.... they never told me that...'


    Makes me long back to my childhood days.. Nostalgia.

  7. You look like a natural Deb! Can't wait til you reveal your news! Stephie x

  8. beautiful! I too have a treasured photo of me riding on a donkey as a child. So sweet!


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