Thursday, 25 September 2014

Inspiration: My Muse Comes and Goes

I spend a lot of time on etsy now, and love checking my feed every morning.
You know I'm a fan of vintage things, for little and big ones alike, so more than anything, I enjoy a good rummage on this huge digital marketplace. I always seem to find something original or interesting, and yesterday I came across a very sweet French shop called

Desi creates and sells a wonderful selection of prints, gift tags, postcards,  totes and even downloadable wrapping paper, all perfect for decorating a nursery or child's room.
I am smitten with her paper doll garlands in particular, and am delighted to have discovered her delicate, whimsical world of children's illustration.

 Desi is active on facebook, and has a lovely website.

Happy Browsing Mes Amis !

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  1. hello! ^^

    thank you so much for your lovely post <3 im flattered! :D


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