Monday 20 July 2015

Monday Moodboard: It's Time

That's right,
It's been almost a year
Twelve whole months
Since I ran on Ilkley Moors.
Believe me, 
I just can't wait to go "home" on Friday!

Granite, bracken, fern - I love you...

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Sunday 12 July 2015

A Winning Combination

Just because
Lavender in the soft evening light
really is a winning combination.

Bonne nuit !

Saturday 11 July 2015

Inspiration: Pause



It's a long weekend here in France as we will be celebrating Bastille Day on Tuesday.
The French certainly know how to make the best of their Bank Holidays!

We're chilling out at home by the pool, enjoying the southern slow life every day.
It's a welcome pause for Dominique my husband whose counting the days until we go on holiday to the UK on the 22nd.

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend with family and friends.

à bientôt !

Some favourite links to explore:

 1 ) In black or white? I love both of these crocheted rubber bowls from the equally beautiful Minimalist store.

2) One day I will hang Leah Goren's California Poems scarf on my wall, I promise! 
3) and 6) Simple interiors are the best! 

4 ) Pause - a magic word by Jan Young Voss ( 1977)

5) DIY printed pillows - gosh these are so beautiful!

7) Elisabeth Dunker's new Rowan Poster is on my birthday wishlist if you're looking for ideas, hint, hint!

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Cool It!

Hi There!

It's been a while, end of school year activities oblige.
The storm before the calm for once.

July has been bliss so far.

I hope you are enjoying every second too!

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