Thursday 29 March 2012

My Friend Maia

You may have already watched this video by Julie Warr but if you haven't, please stop what you're doing and take the time to enjoy it.

Shop Watch: I Do

Specialising in handmade wooden chalkboard toys for children (0 to 99), they are also keen to develop their range of decorative products for weddings and the home.

I love their large magnetic puzzles, especially their African animal one shown above (a nice little video here and look at the packaging - so nice!) and I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

One to bookmark, me thinks!

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Today #16

 No school on Wednesdays.
 A welcome break in the middle of the week.

We usually stay in the village
dance class oblige.

The slow life

ça fait du bien !

High Five #14

It's a while since we've had any vintage graphics on Kickcan & Conkers, so here's something fishy for you!

A small sample of Norwegian Sardine tin labels  - who would have thought they could look so good?

A Flying Start

 Something fun to start the day...

Originally from the world of theatre and scenography, Russian artist Kira Kotliar, now based in Hamburg, Germany, makes the most wonderful papier maché sculptures and mobiles, full of colour and quirky details.

Flying fish, bunnies on a tiger, and ladies dancing with hens, her imagination knows no bounds.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

High Five #13

I don't think these prints are particularly new, but I love them.

Marc Johns, you made me smile!

La Quête

Telle est ma quête, de suivre l'étoile
J. Brel

 Ah ! Quand deux grandes dames se rencontrent dans la blogosphère, ça crée des merveilles, c'est tout simplement magique !

Pour présenter la première partie de sa magnifique nouvelle collection printemps-été 2012, Alexandra Darcissac, de la Princesse au Petit Pois à Montpellier, a eu l'immense chance de travailler main dans la main avec Helena, la talentueuse designer finlandaise, maman de 5 enfants (bientôt 6!), que nous connaissons grâce à son très beau blog Helenainen.
J'adore les univers de ces deux créatrices et je suis vraiment ravie de pouvoir partager quelques photos nées de leur collaboration avec vous aujourd'hui.
Bravo Alexandra et Helena, c'est sublime ! Je crois que nous avons tous une belle leçon à apprendre de cette rencontre magique - oser, "rêver, une impossible rêve", car parfois,  il nous arrive d' "atteindre l'inaccessible étoile".

That is my quest, to follow that star

 Pure magic! Look what can happen when two talented designers from different countries join forces in the blogosphere!

Alexandra Darcissac, founder of La Princesse au Petit Pois in Montpellier, has had the immense pleasure of working with Finnish designer Helena to present the first part of her wonderful new Spring/Summer children's clothes collection. Many of you will already be familiar with Helena's beautiful blog Helenainen, which Alexandra has been following for over a year.

I love the creative worlds of these two women and I'm absolutely delighted to see them coming together here today.

Bravo Alexandra and Helena, you have made magic, and I think we all have an important lesson to learn from your beautiful collaboration -  in the words of J. Brel, dare to "to dream the impossible dream",  and very occasionally you will indeed "reach the unreachable star".

Photography: Helena Vartiainen