Tuesday 31 May 2011

Give Me Three #20

What a magical pair!

New photos of the beautiful collaboration between  
My Images of the Day

Photography by Simon Wardavoir, Studio Claire Le Lune

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Then I'll begin...

A sweet idea from Catherine Szpilkwska 
(which obviously reminds me of this)
A pillow book that doubles up as a little bed

Recline or Read?
That is the question.

Shop Watch: Du Côté du Design

If you're ever in Nîmes, like us on Saturday, (on holiday perhaps this Summer?) or just like to browse inspiring sites, Du Côte du Design is one for your little black book.

 Ideally situated in the historic centre (opposite La Mairie), this eye-catching boutique offers an impressive collection of industrial furniture, Jielde lamps, old school posters and unusual vintage accessories. I fell in love with the long, steel military table and coloured Tolix chairs, and although it's only down the road, will definitely be keeping an eye on their blog and shop for deco inspiration.

 Vintage cotton spools, broken dolls and Tintin books, très, très tendance!  

 J'aime !

Monday 30 May 2011

Give Me Three #19

Yet another interesting etsy find
Articulated paper dolls & more
Made by Argentinian graphic designer Manuela Ortondo

Looks promising!

Ribbons & Balloons

 Fashion photography and styling: Santa Bindemane; photo editing: Edite Kirse.

Hey! It's Monday!
Time to shake off those back-to-work blues
by injecting some fun and colour into your lives.

And what better way to start the week than with a nice cheeky grin and some bright yellow balloons?

I love the styling for Cotton Bunny's vintage ribbon dresses, available from 

This brand new Riga-based kids' concept store aims to be a platform for designers from Latvia and the Baltic States, and I for one will be following their blog.

 Told you so, I bet you feel better already!

Sunday 29 May 2011

Five Faves #54

© le train fantôme

 Pink & Blue

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm having a wonderful weekend.
The Mediterranean sun has been shining brightly, my kids spoiled me rotten for Mother's Day and I had a wonderful time at the flea market in Montpellier this morning. Everyone's relaxed here, enjoying Summer before it's time and feeling happy and grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Voilà ! Enough said...

Time for this week's Five Faves.

1) Favourite Styling - Handmade Kid's Shoes / Albert & Henriette

2) Favourite Collaboration -  Glass Hill / David David's Hand Drawn Chair*

4) Favourite Theme for a Boy's Room - Sharks

Image: skärmdump från Facebook 

 5) Favourite Constructed Paper Animation - Star Wars
Eric Power & Jeremy Messersmith

Chut Maman!

Hush, Hush! You'll wake the baby.

Happy Mother's Day to all my French followers!

Bonne fête à toutes les mamans !
Amusez-vous bien, vous le valez bien ! 

Saturday 28 May 2011

Today #6

Was a special day, kind of.
Woke up to scorching sun,
The garden parched, already.

Had planned a girls' day out
Just down the road, in Nîmes.
Busy, hot and festive,
It never disappoints.

So old,
So imposing,
And with so many stories to tell.

Etsy Finds: Fun with Wood


Good Morning & Hello Weekend!
I don't know about you, but it's been a long, hot and busy week here.
I haven't been able to blog as much due to family commitments
But I'm back now
Ready to have some fun.
See ya later gators !

Friday 27 May 2011

Tilly and Gul

 Do you remember Fideli's 3D paperwork I highlighted in the latest issue of Babiekins Magazine?
Well, she's finally finished her ten-week BA project and her beautiful children's book, Tilly and Gul, an Adventure at Sea, illustrated with some of the sweetest paper models I've ever seen, is on show at the Konstfack Degree Exhibition in Sweden. 
Have a look at her website for a better idea of the scale of her work.
Wonderfully inspiring - definitely one to watch!

Blue Rinse

Let's start the day with a wash of blue...
My Doll of the Day!

via ? pinterest?