Tuesday 31 August 2010

Millie Rae

Millie Rae is twelve years' old.
She's my niece, and she's just discovered the world of photography.
Love you Millie!

Petite Princesse

I love Comme du Coton's new princess outfits.
Watch out for the full collection, coming soon.

Etsy Finds - Colour for Kids

Awkward People

I'm sure you'll all agree, Keitaro Sugihara's Awkward People are anything but awkward.
If you're not convinced by Spica, Beard Baron and Dr. Potato, sit down and watch this beautiful, beautiful Small Wonderland animation featuring his imaginary creatures.

Love at first sight!*

Keitaro is a man of many talents, as you can see from his diverse online portfolio.

His current projects include working as an art director/illustrator for a fashion brand and designing a corporate calendar for 2011.

He has just had his first children's book published in Japan, and if you're smitten as I am, keep an eye on The Current Show where Keitaro's prints will soon be available for purchase.

I think I need to watch that video again...

all images © keitaro sugihara

Monday 30 August 2010

Colour My Monday #11

Tadam !
What better way to celebrate Colour My Monday than with Vanessa, a.k.a. Madame Tatoum
What a clever, inspirational lady she is!
Happy Monday Browsing!

© madame tatoum



Smile, it's Monday!

Ingela's struck gold again

Rikke has a new shop*

Olivelse has a new home

I've found some very special things to share with you


Oh dear, still got those Monday Blues?

You HAVE to watch this then

* Denmark only for the moment

Sunday 29 August 2010

Five Faves #23

Well, time for my Five Faves.
It's been a short week so I didn't think that I'd have enough time or material to put together an interesting collection. How wrong I was! Thank you for all the inspiration, your creativity and imagination never ceases to amaze me!
Happy Sunday!

1) Favourite Soft Toy - Hug-a-Cloud by Goodbye Blue Monday*
I mean, c'mon, just look at those legs!

2) Favourite Children's Bedroom - Jenni's Girl's
With dresses, patchwork, origami, dolls and doll cushions all made by Jenni!

3) Favourite Kids' Fashion Find - Kab'nKa**

4) Favourite Jewellery Design By Kids - FormiaDesign***

5) Favourite Affordable Art - Cards

* via
** via ?
*** via

Saturday 28 August 2010

Inspiration - Vintage Booklets

Toy Making - 1950's

Make it with round boxes and cardboard rolls

Lots of fun, affordable and inspiring paper finds on etsy, if you look hard enough!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Miriana, a very talented doll maker living in Sofia, Bulgaria. I discovered her work via this pretty photo a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed exploring her blog and Flickr photosets.

Miriana's little brooches and matching boxes are adorable, don't you think? She has a great sense of colour and clearly has a good time photographing her creations!

One to bookmark, me thinks...