Thursday 28 February 2013

Minimal Living

Hey look! A sign of the times?
Dolls are downsizing and paring down too.
When can we move in Honey?

Thanks for the inspiration:
 David Ericsson (mocoloco)
The Brick House (pinterest)

All Black and Blue

I'm not really into buying decorative scenes for the home, but I wouldn't say no to a couple of carefully chosen pieces by Dan and Mer Dundin, a.k.a. 2of2
The little black house with three sculpture is my favourite. Hmmm...

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Etsy Finds: Bonnie & Bell



 Everyone knows that I love vintage finds for kids, so it won't come as a big surprise to see these wonderful, Fifties pulldown school charts on my blog. 

It's fairly easy to buy vintage posters for your child's room or home if you know where to look, but I thought these were something a little different. I love the colours and cheeky faces!  

Bonnie and Bell have put together an inspiring collection for all tastes - do take a peek! 

Monday 25 February 2013

Be Calm

I'm buying this poster inspired by one of Louise Bourgeois' drawings (2005) as soon as it's in the shop!

My Image of the Day


A Happy Home indeed.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Five Faves #71

 It seems ages since I felt the urge to put together a Five Faves post, most probably because I'm always busy cataloguing my finds over here. Hmmm, yes...  As much as I love it, pinterest can be a litte overwhelming sometimes, there's just so much to sort through and share.

Today's selection is for kids. Six lovely links for your little ones (an extra one for good measure). I hope they make you smile. Enjoy!

Thanks for the inspiration:


Friday 22 February 2013

So Shady

So Shady.
Hmmm, well it used to be, until last week when our neighbours decided to chop down five magnificent pine trees in their garden. A sad sight when we came home that day...

Luckily we're surrounded by greenery here in the country though; beautiful shades, wherever you look.

I can feel a green interior fetish coming on, just a few, well chosen pieces dotted amongst all the grey, black and white. 

Yes, I like that idea a lot.

1 & 8:  Kate Davis-Macleod for Plaza Magazine.
4: Henri Del Olmo for Côté Sud, Feb/March 2013
The rest by me.


Thursday 21 February 2013

Kissen & Kidivist




O for Origami.

Today I'm feeling inspired by the beautiful, colourful mobiles and pillows of Kissen Studio and Kidivist, two different, but complementary, small businesses. 

Whether perfectly pleated in soft bright silk or artfully folded in Japanese and Italian paper, these Origami animals, toys and boats are perfect for adding a touch of colour to a little one's room.

It's interesting to note that both makers also offer a striking geometric-themed line, which includes a small range of 'Rhombo' upgraded toddlers' tees in Kidivist's case.


High Five #66

I love Lena M Karlsson's niave paintings on blocks of wood. I guess quite a few of you will already have seen her work on my pinterest boards. It's a pity that her shop in Gamla Stan was closed when I was in Stockholm a couple of weekends ago, it looked chock-full of wonderful prints, artwork and bits and bobs - a little treasure trove.