Wednesday 31 August 2011

Just Paper



Alice Jacket

Polaroid SLR Camera

Singer Sewing Machine

Unbelievable but true - All of these objects have been crafted from paper.
As you know, Jennifer Collier has long been one of my favourite artists.
She has just unveiled her new website and I am once again in awe of the intricacy and detail of each of her creations.
I can but urge you to have a look for yourself....

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Kickcan & Conkers Giveaway

Come, let me take you to a hidden place

 This is one of my favourite spots in the garden.

 On a good day, you'll find buttercups and tulips

Such beautiful colours and details.
(click to enlarge)

I've decided that it's time for a giveaway.

Kickcan and Conkers is just over two years' old and I recently turned forty-five (that's the last time I mention my age in public!). It took me a while to decide what to offer because K&C attracts readers from all over the world, all interested in different things. I'd like to think that my passion for art and vintage items was one of the main reasons you visit so after our trip to Montpellier on Saturday, I have chosen to give away a large, double-sided French school poster showing cross-sections of a buttercup and a tulip (1950-60's).  As you know, I love flashcards, classroom toys and anything old-school so I am delighted to be able to give this poster to one lucky winner.

This is an original poster in very good condition. It will look stunning framed, in any room of your house, I promise!

So, the usual drill applies.  
 If you would like a chance to win this vintage French school poster (open to international readers):

1) Leave me a comment below (making sure to leave me an email address)

2) Spread the news via twitter, facebook or any other means and I'll pop two names in the hat (make sure you let me know).

This giveaway runs until Monday 5th September at 6 pm, CET

I will announce the winner the same evening.

Si vous voulez une chance de gagner cette affiche scolaire Le Bouton d'Or / La Tulipe, laissez-moi une commentaire. Vous avez deux chances si vous relayez l'info par twitter, facebook, ou tout autre réseau.  N'oubliez pas de me laisser un email. 

Le jeu s'arrête lundi 5 Septembre à 18 heures CET.

J'annoncerai le gagnant/la gagnante le soir même.

Merci, et bonne chance !

From Me to you - Good Luck!

Bring Me Sunshine

Bokkie Wall Hooks by I Love Bokkie

Bear Princess Dress by The Voyageurs

2-2 Step Stool by Tambino
Handknitted Baby Cardigan by Evahandmade

Soft Toy by Brichopas

Some bright and sunny finds
To cheer you up
After your holidays
Or to inspire you
If you're dreaming of the Summer months to come.

For You

A small bouquet* to say

Thank You

For coming here each day.

Over 1,000 Kickcan & Conkers followers, that's amazing!

I will be back later with a special vintage giveaway handpicked par moi.

In the mean time, why don't you have a look at the other items in
Audrey Jeanne's shop, she's been busy ...

Monday 29 August 2011

Dans L'Olivette

We've been in the olive grove behind our house tonight.
Andrée, our lovely neighbour, has been picking thyme,
Miles started collecting pine cones
But was too tired to carry them home.
We found a bothy,
Then the sun went down.


Shop Watch: Nonah

French children's furniture maker NONAH is enjoying a lot of back-to-school press coverage at the moment and it's easy to see why.

Alerce Stackable Toy Boxes

Made in Latvia from FSC-certified solid beech wood and coloured with ecological paints, NONAH's designs are smart, modular and fun.

I love the little hole and hide-away-space on the Zinda chair, 

the versatility of their storage solutions

and IKIPI, which my little Miles would play with for hours.

My tastes are changing a little I think; I set out looking for some vintage kids' furniture to share and ended up showing you this. Definitely one I will be following from now on !


Rise and Shine
It's Colour My Monday!

I hope these funny little creatures crafted by Czech FLER seller
will put a smile on your face this morning.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Give Me Three #44

Now then, what are you looking so happy about?
The weekend's over isn't it?

Well yes it is but...
We've got a whole new week of Kickcan & Conkers to look forward to!

He's right you know,  always look on the bright side.
Meet you back here in a few hours for Colour My Monday, OK?

Fortune Bookie #2

Saturday 27 August 2011

Old & New

Little Lord Miles has a smart new cap.
My new Milk Magazine is full of inspiration.
Oh more vintage treasures from our poster lady!

Montpellier at it's best, the old quarters, the city centre.
A gentle breeze, not too crowded, 
Everyone's gone to the beach.

Five Faves #61

Black Bear Mask by Kissmego via Fergi Johnson

I've seen so many new things this week it's difficult to choose just five.
I've decided to go for the lesser well known ones, being one to wander off the beaten track, but please check out my pinterest boards for other wonderful work. 
I love pinning now, don't you?

Off we go.

1) Favourite Back To School Project - Tracing Hands Every First Day

2) Favourite P-P-P-Penguin - Aarrekid's New Soft Toy / T-Shirt Design*

3) Favourite Inspiring Kids' Art Project - Inuit Art by Nika-Po
(make sure you look at her whole post!)

4) Favourite Kids' Blog - Mamacita Urbanita
(switch on Google Translate or just look at the pictures)

For this, this and this

5) Favourite Kids' Designs - Rocking Animals by Iwona Kosicka

Have a great weekend!