Wednesday 29 February 2012

The Bag Lady

You may already be familiar with Beril Ciçek's  'ull' collection, but I only discovered this young Turkish designer's work yesterday and I love it. Inspired by traditional Icelandic fashion, and the ullarpeysa sweater and saudskinnskor shoes in particular, Beril has created a series of mobile knitted cabinets made from wood and a knitted cover. Fitted with a handle, all of the ull designs are portable, allowing users to transport their "stuff" from space to space. The wooden legs can be screwed on and off and stored in small side pockets when the cabinet is collapsed and used as luggage.

A group of ull cabinets would look fantastic in the right setting, and their size and soft, knitted aspect makes them perfect for nurseries and toddlers' rooms, I think. I love the button details for the clothes cabinet (dressing / undressing) and the rope for shoes (tying /untying).

A fresh, inspiring find- I'll let you know if I find out where to buy one!

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Tuesday 28 February 2012

C for Circus

I have featured Sarah Andreacchio's work and book shop a number of times on Kickcan & Conkers but couldn't resist sharing some pictures of her recent circus-themed collages on show in northern France just before Christmas.

She's getting ready for another exhibition at present, so keep an eye on her blog for that, and if you're feeling inspired (and flush) perhaps you'd like to enjoy her art shop, over here


High Five #6

Slow is natural
Slow is beautiful

Monday 27 February 2012

Bring on the Sun!


Hey, I have a new doll (thank you Eszter, she's absolutely gorgeous!), a new (very old distressed) table and lots of new things to add to my shop. Life couldn't be better.

Happy Colour My Monday!

(Those spices smelt wonderful at the market yesterday)

Sunday 26 February 2012

Five Faves #69

 (Emily's beautiful work is currently on show at Unit 12)

 Oh yes, it really has felt like Spring here this weekend. After a much needed rest (and a bit of a break from blogging too), I feel refreshed and raring to go. Back to school tomorrow after a two week half-term holiday... I'm looking forward to getting back to our normal routine. I need to work!

Anyway, a few faves for your Sunday evening...

 1) Favourite Pattern - Animals by Pierpaolo Febbo, Envelop

 2) Favourite Furniture Project - Cameleon by Twin Truc (can you help them?)

 3) Favourite New Toy - Minna's Plywood Castle is now available, just in case you'd missed it.

4) Favourite Kids' Pillows - Ana Ventura**

5) Favourite New-to-Me Kids' World - Corby Tindersticks*** (how did I miss them? love!)

And, as a bonus, these photos from Peru are beautiful and this has to be one of the most ingenious kids' fancy dress costumes I've ever seen. Bravo !

 ** via
 *** via

Saturday 25 February 2012

Un Saut en Ville

A last minute change of plan took us to Nîmes this afternoon.
Shopping for school next week, coffee and crêpes au soleil

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Friday 24 February 2012

Toytown Tales

If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne (I choose my words carefully here, some of my favourite internet pals live in this city and there always seems to be something exciting going on there), may I suggest a trip to Outré Gallery in Elisabeth Street with your kids this weekend?

Toytown Tales is a joint exhibition showcasing the work of Melbourne-based Martin Harris and Jess McCaughey. If you look carefully at Jess's handmade bears and crocheted creatures you will see that they are based on the characters in Martin's paintings, or vice versa. Toytown Tales is a true collaboration, showing how two artists have inspired each other.

The exhibition ends on March 1st and from what I have heard has been a great success. Check out the Outré Gallery site for more details and perhaps treat yourself to one of these whimsical works of art.

A fun start to the weekend, n'est-ce pas!

Images: Outré Gallery / Jess McCaughey

Thursday 23 February 2012


For the thoroughly modern young lady
Damselfly revisits the roaring twenties,
Charming the world with a splendid collection of feathers, ripples and puffs.
Layer upon layer of cappuchino, champagne and rose,
A touch of lace, an edge of braid,
Swing those pearls girls!

Hot Wheels

  Something quirky and crafty to start the day.
Take a look at Artist in LA LA Land
 If you like paper puppets,fantasy and play.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Inspiration: Easter Pastels



 Some old, some new
Pretty pink, yellow and blue
SS12 will bring spots, ribbons, frills, des frous-frous...

Blanket and Aprons for mums and little ones - Les pommettes du chat
Bloomers and Necklaces - L'Atelier de Marie et Rose-Alice (coming soon)
Kitty and Bunny Mask by Abigail Brown -  Kickcan & Conkers Shop