Friday 30 September 2011

Let's Pretend


Just because they made me smile!

Fun With Fables #4

I love doing this new feature!

Fun in the Forest

Hey, there's a party going on in the woods today!

Go Tell Your Friends


Big and Small

Look High and Low
Everyone's Invited

It's Time to Put on your Party Frocks

To Celebrate Autumn!

She's done it again!

Fly over to KoKoKo Kids for some of the best kids' Autumn craft activities/ideas on the web 

Happy Friday!

Thursday 29 September 2011

Inspiration: Atelier Montmartre

Another happy Fler find! I love these pictures.
Can any of my Czech friends tell me a bit more about Atelier Montmarte?

Join The Dots

Busy but Happy
Hope you're having a good day too!

Babette in Fall

I don't know about you but Fanja's new Babette dolls & prints are definitely going on my Christmas wishlist.
Savannah loves them and it makes me happy just looking at Fanja's work on screen.

My images of the day, sans aucune doute!  

Fingers on the button - Le Train Fântome's new work goes on sale today Thursday 29th September at 4pm BST.

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Tout Blanc

 All White
Tout Blanc

With Pops of Colour
Avec Quelques Touches de Couleur

I think that's a winning combination.
My ideal in fact, for children's rooms at least.

is one of my favourite online shops. 
I have written about it a couple of times and I know many of you appreciated their magical gallery photos this Summer.

Annabel Gueret has exquisite taste and an excellent eye for unusual finds.

She's also very kind and has allowed me to share some photos of her previous home in France. Isn't it wonderful? I love that reclaimed staircase, the high ceilings, the light, the space, the children's dormitory for sleep overs... parfait à mes yeux !

Annabel and her family moved recently and are now renovating an old leather factory in Nantes. She loves a challenge and her project sounds amazing!

 So, I've decided to start a new feature on Kickcan & Conkers and I'd love you to take part.

 I'd like you to share your decorating ideas for children's rooms and play spaces.

K&C attracts readers from around the world and is growing in popularity everyday. 
I for one am interested in seeing where your children sleep and / or play in India, Chile, Iceland, Greece, Japan and Timbuktu. The further afield the better!

 We all have different financial, creative and physical means but want the best for our children, I'm sure. What's your child's favourite object? Your favourite feature? How did you make that? Where did you find it? Did you decorate yourself?

Ideas, ideas, ideas...

What do you think?

Tuesday 27 September 2011


Et voilà ! C'est moi

So, here I am, chatting about my favourite children's books on 

Thanks for inviting me Carrie!

Give Me Three #53

Eco-toys with a capital E!

A brand new line of cardboard pull-along toys 
"meticulously engineered to involve, stimulate and entertain" .

Three interchangeable tops (Duck, Horse and Butterfly), made from the finest quality industrial cardboard, clip securely into a robust, triple-wall cardboard chassis connected to board wheels and axle. Even the pull-card is pure woven Kraft paper. 
PDF templates are also available, should children wish to paint the animals' features.
What do you think?

Strike The Pose

 I love Barbara Berrada's photography
The models she chooses, her styling and of course her beautiful clothes.

My Images of the Day

My Cup of Tea


They sold in no time
But I couldn't resist sharing these cute cups
Designed by Andrea Tachezy - remember?

Monday 26 September 2011

Today #13

Today started off as usual
School run, a bit of shopping and a nice walk back through the village
When I arrived at the garden gate
The first olive tree had been dug up and was waiting to be replanted
Yes, the diggers were here
Ready to start work on our swimming pool
Miles thinks it's wonderful!

Fun With Fables #3

  Garfie The Cat & Evangeline The Mouse
Paper mache, clay  fabrics, haberdashery, vintage papers, embroidery, 
sewing & collage

I came across Vanessa Cabban's work on pinterest recently and immediately fell in love with her papier mache sculptures. An artist and an illustrator, Vanessa has worked on over 25 children's books and exhibits and sells her paintings and prints in galleries around the UK. International readers will be delighted to know that she also has an etsy shop, where you will occasionally find some of her beautiful papier mache creatures for sale.
Needless to say, Vanessa's sculptures are handmade with love and would make beautiful heirloom pieces. How pretty Garfie The Cat and Evangeline The Mouse would look in a nursery or child's room! 
J'aime !