Thursday 30 September 2010

Oh, Oh, It's Space-O!

I love the graphics on these vintage Space-O cards.
I bought a set for Miles last year.
Perfect for framing, don't you think?
Going, going, gone...

Child's Play

I love this photo taken by Sangroncito, found via this excellent blog
My image of the day!

Shop Watch: Salon Elfi

Well, it's definitely been a toy week here on Kickcan and Conkers, and there's more to come folks!
If you like handmade wooden toys you'll probably enjoy browsing and perhaps buying some of the wares over at Salon Elfi. I have also spotted some lovely cards and decorations if you're starting to get in the festive mood...

Salon Elfi

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Acorn Chains

I love these acorn garlands made my Maya and her little girl
What did I say earlier? Scissors and paper, that's all you need!

Tate Trio

 When I Was Born - Isabel Minhos Martins/Madelena Matoso, In English at last!
Big-Top Benn - David McKee

White Noise - David Carter
I love shopping online at the Tate!
Three special books to add to your wish-lists for Christmas...

Back to Basics

I could spend hours looking for unusual games and toys to share
I like original finds
But I for one know that kids are perfectly happy with the basics.
Give them a few pieces of coloured paper and a pair of scissors and let their imagination do the rest
Love Giddy Giddy's triangles! 

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Old School

Atelier Charivari

 Yes, I love vintage desks, peeling paint and old, shabby windows
Not when those desks haven't been touched since the 40's, are covered in ink and smell musty
And not when that paint and those windows are in my daughter's cramped classroom...
That is also the reality of life in our village in the South of France
I am angry and I am on the war path!

(These photos are "nice" photos of windows / paint in the village by the way, they're not from Savannah's school!)

Jou Jou

Czech artist / illustrator Jana Nachlingerova's vibrant handmade wooden toys are oozing with personality.
Check out her fun artwork and  books here and here.
Something slightly different for little and big kids alike!


On The Other Side

O Outro Lado - On The Other Side

Monday 27 September 2010

The Good Life

Our garden is looking wonderful at the moment
Days like today I'm happy to live in the country
Looking forward to going back home at the weekend though!

Inspiration: Owls

Limited Edition Owl Prints by Dan Walters

Bright and Cheery Hoot-Hoot mobile for you to print out and make

Lyons, Capstan & Dog Foods

As you all know, Monday is the day we celebrate colour on Kickcan & Conkers, so, I thought we'd kick off the week with Rupert Blanchard.
If you like the industrial look, hop over to Elemental to see his new laminated cupboards incorporating sections of enamelled steel advertising signs. Another wonderful example of what you can do with those three magic words
Reduce - Reuse- Recycle!


Doctor's Orders

It's Monday!

Sunday 26 September 2010

Five Faves #27

 Big Broken Antique Dolls Head 

Time for My Five Faves!
This week's theme is "Feeling Cheeky"
Happy Sunday!

1) Favourite Pale-Cheeked Gentleman - Mr Mustache, Studio Violet 

2) Favourite Red Cheeks - Zip Pouch by Ninon

3) Favourite Rosy-Cheeked Doll - Moose and Bird


4) Favourite Rosy-Cheeked Couple - New Notebooks by DePeapa

5) Favourite Rainbow-Cheeked Creatures - Herzensart