Friday 16 October 2015

Autumn Blues




Surely it isn't the weekend already?
I'm sorry, it's been quieter than usual on here this week. I had plans, a blogging agenda, inspiring people and shops to share with you thenI decided I needed some "me time" after closing down my shop and changing direction online.
I've been busy, pottering at home, power walking, gardening and enjoying the cold but sunny autumnal days. I needed to switch off my laptop and live.

We're going to the UK next Thursday, spending a couple of days in London then up to "home" in West Yorkshire. I can't wait.

If you've ever been to Ilkley where I grew up you will know that it is Charity Shop Heaven! I love secondhand clothes, always have and always will. Style has nothing to do with money or labels in my humble opinion. I am always drawn to people who mix old and new with panache, be it in a relaxed or more refined way.

It's no secret that denim is on trend, and I am a very big fan of French vintage workwear. Obviously, it's fairly easy to find here, if you know where to look.

have a beautiful collection of vintage clothes in their etsy store.
Blues, Browns and Creams predominate right now
and that's just perfect for me.

I think you should take a peek if you like casual clothes with a story and style.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Inspiration: Tatami

Bonjour !

Let's start the week with some visual inspiration from Tatami-Antiques, an interesting online marketplace for antique and folk art pieces embodying the essence of Japanese art and culture. Seldom have I seen such a beautiful, handpicked collection of simple, timeworn objects with a soul. Love!

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Shop The Look #2

One last swim before Autumn sets in


As you can see, this week's Shop The Look post is inspired by the beautiful colours of Autumn, captured so perfectly in these fine art photographs by Lucy Snowe.

I hope you enjoy exploring the links below. They all lead you to equally enticing shops, or makers' and creatives' sites where I love to wander.

Image sources:


Bonne journée !

Tuesday 6 October 2015

High Five #91

OK, I'm going to use the 'C' word - Christmas.

I've just placed an order for two of these beautiful posters from SOFFA Magazine's website, and I'm feeling rather smug. I mean, for once, I'm actually in advance... I'm reorganising my life, freeing up more time for myself and my family, and doing my very best to enjoy every single day. Try it! I'm certainly being more productive, and if I ban myself from touching anything with a screen on it for a few hours, I get so much done!

So, Xmas shopping (on a budget) has begun... Take a look at SOFFA's A2 poster collection, there's something for everyone, including kids, and at 10.50 EUR per print, why not treat yourself as well? Oh, go on!

Monday 5 October 2015

Random Rules #1



Well Hello Monday!

I hope you had fun this weekend.

We've been taking things slowly, re-adjusting to our life as a family of four (our eldest son left home recently), planning trips abroad, working on the house and well, just pottering.

I've been thinking a lot about my future on the web, and I'm enjoying the challenge of "re-creating" myself online, or rather of exploring and developing certain aspects in particular.

Today, I'd like to share five random favorite links, all very worthy of your attention.

Treat yourself to a five minute break and browse their inspiring sites.

Moi, J'adore !

Random Rules #1

1) In my kitchen by Anastasia Benko- atmine
2) ' Stilled' ( 2013) - Salt Mills - Caroline Bartlett
3) Future Textiles - Jaqueline Lefferts
4) Cutlery rests - Bluemics, etsy
5) Installation 10m3 à la Manufacture Roubaix by X11 + 52

Bonne Journée !

Thursday 1 October 2015

Shop The Look #1

Oh, I know,
I'm sure 
You've heard it all before.

But, yes,

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

I love looking for original things to share and as I've had lots of wonderful feedback about my moodboards, I thought I'd start a new "Shop The Look" column featuring beautiful fashion, design and décor with links to some very special makers and shops. 

Sound good? I hope so. I for one like the look and feel of this week's inspirational shopping board:


Happy Browsing!