Thursday 1 February 2018

Finding a New Voice

   February 1st, 2018:  I woke up this morning with only one thing on my mind-my blog.

I started Kickcan and Conkers almost 9 years ago, eager to share, inspire and build a small, online community of likeminded creatives around the world. I had no idea how many wonderful friends and colleagues I would make on line and off, nor where my virtual journey would take me. There was obviously a different momentum in the early blogging days, a different community spirit too. I kind of miss that, but if I'm here again today, it's because I believe in here and now, in embracing change and in pushing onwards and upwards.

I have no clear idea of what I want to do with K and C, I may even abandon this space and create a new site and a new brand, I'll see. Since I closed my online kids' design shop I have been exploring other passions, such as fashion and photography, via my tumblr blog Plumes and Feathers. Tumblr offered me the anonymity I needed at the time as I felt confined to the vintage, graphic, children's world I had been so focused on for years.  Plumes and Feathers is my happy place on line, the place where I really feel myself, hence these three screenshots I'm sharing with you today.

  Are you still reading blogs? I occasionally receive emails from followers saying how much they miss K&C, prompting me to question whether or not I still have something to say. Social media has become so fast-paced, ephemeral and all-pervading - more, more, more...

Kickcan & Conkers has always been a predominantly visual blog, hopefully full of unusual finds, inspiring creativity and interesting links for readers to explore. If I can continue to share along those lines over the next few months, until I find a definite new sense of direction, I'll be more than happy I think.

Time to dip my toes into blogland again.

C'est parti...