Sunday 30 June 2013

Just Because

Just because

Whatever material you use
Simplicity is the key.


Thanks for the inspiration:

Friday 28 June 2013

T for Tangram

T for Tangram

Miles' favorite game I think!
We love inventing funny creatures with our vintage tangram set.
Why not have a go yourself using our super Spanish stamp kit?

I'm certainly feeling inspired after finding Dam!Design's work this week. Have you read my post about playing with pattern over at Handmade Charlotte yet?

My Images of the Day - thank you Diego Mir!

Thursday 27 June 2013

Festive Summer


This morning's post is an invitation to explore the fun illustrations of Hungarian-born graphic designer Anna Kövecses. I happened upon her Festive Summer artwork on Behance yesterday and was delighted to discover her rich, colourful portfolio. Anna lives in Cyprus and I think the sun shines through her art. Love!

Sit down for five minutes and have a good look at her work. I love these keyframes from her Cars animation and re-imagined book cover for Murakami's Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Do you have a favourite?

Tuesday 25 June 2013


OK, it's Summer here, but I couldn't resist sharing these beautiful warm, soft clothes and waldorf toys made by Ingugu in Lithuania

Justyna Zubrycka has made it through to the finals in the Make Me Contest organised by  Lodz Design Festival. I 'm intrigued by her Angel Swing and what to know more (my apologies for  the quality of the photo). 


Eva Pelcova makes some unusual wooden toys.

It's been ages since I curated a small collection of favorite finds.
These were some of the beautiful, simple things that caught my eye last week.
I hope you enjoy them too.

Monday 24 June 2013

Going with the Flow

I am.
I mean, I have no choice.

After a stressful week without any internet access at home, 
I've decided to just go with the flow and enjoy it!

Luckily, we have wonderful neighbours with wifi and an amazing garden.

And it's hot, you know.
The kinda heat that makes you want to move real slow...

Happy Colour My Monday
from the south of France!


Friday 21 June 2013

Summer in the City


Happy Summer Solstice!

Tonight we'll be out dancing in the streets as it's also la Fête de la Musique here in France. Yes, it's party time! 

I thought it would be fitting to share just a small selection of the excellent winning entries in this year's Human Empire city poster competition. I love the Lisbon print in particular, but there are plenty more to suit all tastes over here.

Sun, music and travels - bring on the summer!

Thursday 20 June 2013

Shop Watch: Les Ateliers Associés


If you follow Handmade Charlotte, you may have seen my post about vintage French shops for kids the other day. We're really pressing on with our renovating here and I seem to have become somewhat obsessed with flea markets, car boot sales and second-hand charity shops. It's fun!

clean, simple and stylish.

Lots of stark white, black and neutrals
with a smattering of colour.

Love the No. 74 garlands, banners and other accessories.

 One to bookmark!

Clap Hands

Clap hands, I'm back. Well kind of...

We've been without internet access since Saturday morning due to a 'technical incident' in our village (someone has stolen some cables apparently...). I'm doing my best to work at our neighbours' but I'm hoping that everything will be back to normal next week ??? Please!

In the meantime, there's a fantastic new art installation in the wash house here. I love walking past it and watching the hand shadows dancing along the wall during the day.

Bonne journée !