Thursday 11 February 2016

Inspiration: Tout doucement

I know, I know, it's still too early to be talking about Spring
But, you see, our balcony is so pretty covered in rose buds galore; there are daisies popping up around the pool and the air is sweet with pink almond blossom. It's hard not to think about warmer, longer days and a new soft colour palette inside and out.

Ah oui, ├ža vient, tout doucement... 

Images from my tumblr

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Slowly but surely Spring is on its way!

Saturday 6 February 2016

Kids' Inspiration: Berta & Co

They go by the name of Berta, Izabela, Emil, Adolf and Jan, and are some of the nicest art dolls I've seen in a long time. Handmade by Hommy in Japan for a small etsy store called RUCNI, renowned for their beautiful owls and other textile creatures, these velveteen giraffes, cats, elephants, wolves are dark, mysterious and quite exquisite - love!