Wednesday 30 May 2012


Was mostly a stay-at-home-get-your-packing done day.
A hot day,
full of shadows, patterns and reflections.


Nah, not me.
I'm going back 'home' to the UK tomorrow for one week.
Can't wait to explore all those charity shops!
True style has no price tag, I believe.

If you follow me here on pinterest, you'll know how much I like
Vera Vague's antique clothes.

Bonne journée à vous, mes chers amis !

Tuesday 29 May 2012

For the Love of Bunnies

B for BUNNIES, the modern kind.
B for BOYS and girls, 
Neutral colours, neutral toys.
BUNNIES to hug, hold, string together, lie on and even wear.
Let's play!

They have a brand new website.

Images:V. Šolin 

Inspiration: Blue Tilt

Slightly off centre,

So much more interesting,
    I think,
                    don't you?

Thank you for the inspiration:

Monday 28 May 2012

Blog Love: Pondělí

I've just updated my righthand sidebar with some new finds, 
magazines, craft activities and sites for you to explore.

Pondělí is one of my favourite Czech blogs, I'm sure many of you will enjoy it.
No need for words, you'll see...

Images: Pondeli


Bigplic et Miniploc

Big smiles here this morning... it's Bank Holiday (again!), the sun is shining and Céline Vernier, aka Pépillo, has brought out a new app for kids. 
C'est Bigplic et Miniploc - hours of colourful, creative fun, perfect for the long summer vacation looming! 
J'adore !