Friday 30 November 2012

Shop Watch: Zenzi Design

  I don't know about you, but ever so often I come across a new artist, designer, illustrator or maker who really has something different to offer, and I have just have this gut feeling they're going to do very well.

Franca Neuburg is one such person.

I discovered this German illustrator and toymaker's dawanda shop and blog/website a while ago, and really love her playful aesthetic and sense of colour. This lady has stories to tell.

Her jumping jack animal wall toys almost make me wish my children were a little bit younger, but I'm sure that Miles and Savannah would still enjoy playing with her wooden periscope.

I have to say, this is one of the nicest kids' Advent Calendars that I have ever seen.

One to bookmark, I'm sure.


All things fall into place.
I like that.

And I love these two new prints and set of Swedish alphabet postcards by

Bonne journée mes amis !

Thursday 29 November 2012

The Little Black Line

I won't deny it, I'm a simple girl at heart.
Dot, Dot, Dash, Dash,
Back to basics, once again.
Love these minimalist drawings in black & white
Less is more for kids aussi.

Thanks for the inspiration:

(newly opened!)

Wednesday 28 November 2012

High Five #53

If I wasn't so busy at the moment, I would jump on a plane and go home to Yorkshire to visit my family and one of my favourite places in the UK, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

British artist Mark Hearld's Birds & Beasts exhibition looks wonderful (runs till 17.2.13), and his work must really come into its own in such magnificent surroundings. I thoroughly recommend a trip to the YSP, in any weather (well almost), the sculpture park is incredibly inspiring, and I sometimes wish that I had taken up the offer to study drama at Bretton Hall there, many moons ago.

The YSP shop is well worth the visit too (the only other place to sell Shino Suzuki's work, but you will also find upandcoming brands like Corby Tindersticks as well). I spotted these colourful fold out bird cards designed by Mark for Art Angels, and I can easily imagine them as Christmas decorations or wall hangings all year round.

Something bright,cheerful and of course, a little different, for this very miserable, damp day!

Little Clowns & Co

Good news!

Edinburgh-based, German illustrator/print maker

Her quirky and colourful Little Circus screenprint is my favourite.

Perfect for a kid's room
I'd say!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

To The Woods We Go

It's such a shame  I didn't spot Andrea' Tachezy's gorgeous illustrated mugs earlier. Of course, they've all sold out now, and FLER is not the easiest site in the world to buy from, but she will be making some more in the New Year. I'll let you know when she does,

It's always interesting to compare blogs and illustrative styles. Many of my favourite blogs are written by Czech artists, crafters and mums. Their approach to styling is quite different, so soft and poetic, I love the colour palettes they use. Andrea's Paper Theatre set is a perfect example. Perhaps you could send her an email if FLER is too hard to fathom out?

Bloesem Kids

Good Morning!

I wrote the post a while ago, when Irene had to take some time off.

Love, love, love Swantje & Frieda's world!

My Image of the Day.

Monday 26 November 2012

Studio Delle Alpi

So, plywood is in.
But try as I might, I haven't really found any outstanding plywood toys this year, have I?
Or so I thought.

is a fledgling design collective founded in February 2012 by two graphic designers Anne Kieffer and Arnaud Mouriamé.


The creative duo aim to develop a series of furniture, home accessories and toys made out of silkscreen-printed multiplex wood, and their current collection includes stools, tables, kids' wall accessories and a couple of toys.


They make all of their products themselves using only natural materials and traditional printing techniques (water-based colours). Everything is sold in kit form and is very easy to assemble /disassemble ( no glue, no tools, no screws).

I love the eye-catching, colourful patterns, making the toys, in particular, perfect for play and display. Want to buy something or carry these products in your shop? Send Anne and Arnaud an email, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you!

via: Cirkus

Sweet Souris & Souricette

Sarah Andreacchio is no stranger to this blog.

I have featured her beautiful prints, collages and vintage book shop several times and I'm delighted to see that she's really making a name for herself.

As some of you will know, her latest commission was for L'Affiche Moderne, a must-visit address if you're looking for original artwork for kids.

Sarah has created five pretty prints, including a very colourful alphabet, and as always, I love the retro feel in her work.

Happy Colour My Monday!

Sunday 25 November 2012

Inspiration: Le Vide Grenier d'une Parisienne

I've lived in France for what seems a life time. Twenty-six years in fact.

My tastes have changed, improving with age I'd say, but I have always loved going to flea markets, car boot sales and the like. 

Yesterday we went to Emmaus, sheer heaven if you like a good rummage. Today, it's flea market time, weather permitting.

There's always online shopping though, if you live far away, like to dream, or are looking for inspiration. France is the perfect place for that. Once you start really looking, getting deeper and deeper into the maze of small French blog shops, you'll see that it's fairly easy to find beautiful, original products at realistic prices. Like at Le Vide Grenier d'une Parisienne, par exemple ...
I've had my eye on a couple of things in this shop but you have to be quick. French connaisseurs know all the right boutiques, and I think Le Vide Grenier d'une Parisienne must be one of them.

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