Saturday 30 January 2010

Au Revoir

Paris by Lizzy Stewart

Short break in transmission folks! I'm going to Paris for a week with Dylan et ma soeur.
I've a few things lined up for you so keep checking in, and if you get bored, browse through the 450+ posts already online...
Have a great weekend!
et à bientôt mes amis!


Have you ever had a really good look inside KellyStreetVintage? This shop caught my eye a while ago when I was searching for some unusual vintage prints. There are plenty of those here. KellyStreetVintage specialises in vintage paper items, illustrations, prints and small items and supplies. My kinda store...
One thing that strikes me about shops like KellyStreetVintage is how easy it is to give a retro touch to a nursery, child's bedroom or play space without overspending. A couple of vintage advertisements like these would look beautiful framed, unique in fact, and won't cost the earth.

1920s Slipover play garment ad

You could be a little more inventive and frame some original vintage finds such as these sweet vintage coasters from the 1940-50s

or these unused 1930s fairytale party favour boxes

This set of 1930s painted wooden animal shape puzzle pieces is gorgeous

Why not use it to make a collage?

My point is that it doesnt take heaps of money or amazing home interior design skills to make a statement and create an appealing living/play space. A few vintage images

a few special decorative objects

1940s USA map/puzzle

and a little bit of imagination go a long long way!

Friday 29 January 2010

Pattern and Print for Kids

Merrilee's geometric art puzzle is fantastic! If you're looking for a stimulating craft project for your kids, hop over to Mer Mag and find out how she made this smart puzzle for her son. It's easy-peasy - a sheet of hardboard cut into five inch squares, a ruler, a sponge and some acrylic paint et voilà! Hours of fun and creativity for kids and adults alike!

Talking of pattern, lovers of fairtrade company Bholu will be pleased to know that designer Jodie Fried has collaborated with one of Australia's leading brands, Porter's Paints, to create a vibrant new range of wallpaper, as part of their "Designers for Porter's Paints series".

The Bholu Collection is inspired by the drawings of children in underprivileged communities in India. Their children's range of wallpaper, the "Menagerie Collection" will include the familiar ‘Mavis the Monkey’, ‘Frederick the Elephant’ and ‘Marjorie the Duck’, originating from drawings by 3-7 years olds living in slum communities, and will be available in both beautiful neutral linen tones and the classic vibrant Bholu colours of orange, red, and olive.

Take a look at Bholu's Facebook page to see more images of their wallpaper collection and check out Porter's Paints stockists here (wallpaper available from February 17th, 2010).

Big thanks to Bondville and Cudmiodiodiovzeski for the links!

Car Candy

I wouldn't mind a set of these one-of-a-kind car toys made by Patrick Weder.
Pretty smart, don't you think?

Found via Design Therapy

Thursday 28 January 2010

Three French Hens

Irrésistible !

What else can I say? I love finger puppets and this little set of three by Melbourne illustrator / designer Amy Borell just stole my heart. Screenprinted onto calico fabric, each hen is entirely made by hand. The reverse side features an Eiffel Tower pattern in metallic silver ink and the cute trio come in a little calico bag.


Check out Amy's blog and shop Vanilla Bug
for more beautiful accessories and illustrations

Allez ! Why not treat yourself today!


Theme tune from the popular German children's TV programme RappelKiste

Eins, Zwei, Drei... How about some old-fashioned Spiele? You know how much I love it. A little birdy told me about this smart set of game cards from Germany.

Strassen:zappel contains 39 street games and 30 counting-out rhymes for kids. It costs 12 Eur, won't weigh down school bags and promises hours of playground fun. A great way to practice German in style!

Tuesday 26 January 2010

A Vida Portuguésa

Do you like this tin donkey? I do. I spotted it on Rosa Pomar's wonderful blog before Christmas and curious to know more, followed the link to A Vida Portugésa, a marvellous online shop selling traditional Portuguese products used by young and old alike. The A Vida Portugésa team have scoured the land to find classic objects "with a soul", and have put together a charming collection of stationery, books, toys, embroidery, homeware and condiments/delicatessen food. Here are some of my favourites (you may wish to hide your credit card before I begin...)

Serrote notebook exclusive to A Vida Portuguésa (want one!)

Traditional Minhoto Valentine embroidery
(this would look beautiful framed)

Lost desktop - collection of Portugese paper ephemera (50-80s)

1992 edition of Portuguese architect, graphic illustrator and ceramist Raul Lino's (1879-1974) 1933 classic book Portuguese Houses.

Happy Browsing!

Revelling in Russia

I am having a wonderful time browsing Russian sites folks!
Smitten, again...

Take a look at this beautiful papercraft work by avokada

All handstitched and handpainted - divine!

Avokada has a beautiful website, which you really must visit (some lovely illustrations there too!)
Send her an email if you're interested in any of her paper creations, and check out her Flickr photostream, for colourful inspiration like this

A gem!
Found via Igrushkina

Now, on to Portugal...