Thursday 30 June 2011

Give Me Three #32




Plic, Ploc, Wiz
Play, create, learn

developed by Julien Rozé


I've only been here for 24 hours
And yet, I feel a different person.
I've found the piece of the puzzle that was missing,
Something clicked, the penny dropped, 
A transformation...

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Are We Nearly There?

On the road & up in the air,
I'm like a five-year old,
Giddy with excitement.
Today's the day,
We go to England!

More fun work from the Polish design duo Toprojekt (mentioned here).
Have a look at their shop - their postcards, cards, prints, badges, mobiles and toys...
I think they'll go far!

See ya later alligator!

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Whatever The Weather

Come rain or shine...
Every house should have a set of these uplifting prints

My Images of the Day

(lots of lovely books, illustrations and kids' games too)

Magda Barcik

Something for my Polish followers perhaps?

 Magda Barcik's handpainted, eco wooden toy sets caught my eye this morning, and seem perfect for a special birth or christening gift. I don't speak Polish, but I think these sweet educational blocks would also look beautiful in a nursery on display.
Magada has created two sets of animals and each one comes in an illustrated cotton bag. 
If you are interested in buying any, send Magda an email, or have a look at her shop (use Google to help you translate).

A cool find for this scorcher of a Tuesday in the South of France!

Give Me Three #31

Paris, London and Stockholm, my three favourite cities.

Monday 27 June 2011

Earl, Ned & Norris

I've been sorting out boxes of baby clothes today ready for the next vide grenier in July... sigh!
If Miles was a little younger I would have been tempted to buy this lovely print by Nikkipea. I've featured her softies before, and still find them quite unique. 
Her artwork would look very sweet in a nursery, don't you think?

School Run #3

The last day before Savannah and Miles break up,
& my last school run post for a while.
It's so hot here,
Too hot to do anything,
Save listen to the cicadas.

First B/W photo by Jean Jacques Moles
His work is on display all over our village at the moment

The Colours

Hey, It's Monday!
Nothing like a bit - or a lot - of colour to kick off the week.

I have a feeling these wonderful handcrafted colour men by South African designer Renée Roussouw will make you smile. Bright and cheerful, painted with eco non-toxic paint & matte vanish, these little chaps are the perfect size for little hands to clutch, and would definitely add a quirky touch to any room.

You can read more about Renée's wooden figurine project here and even watch a fun video she made to promote her collection.

Sunday 26 June 2011

Five Faves #55

Hot Air Balloon - Minted Condition*

I'm sorry, it's been a little quieter round here this week, I'm busy.

 I'm taking Savannah and Miles to England on Wednesday to spend some time with my family - I really can't wait! I haven't been "home" for a year, and I'm ready for a break.
It also happens to be my 2nd blog birthday on the 29th, so watch out for my vintage giveaway!

Gosh, 55 Five Faves, shall we?

1) Favourite Browse - The Collector**


2) Favourite Pretty Details - Damselfly***

3) Favourite Hippos - Toprojekt****

4) Favourite Vintage Find - Eames' Kite Designs / Wary Meyers*****

5) Favourite Stripes - Drawings by Numbers

 Oh and as it's Summer and K&C is almost two years' old...

6) Favourite Art Display - Liat Yaniv's corner in a hairdresser's

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

** ? pinterest?
***** pinterest

Saturday 25 June 2011

Perrier Citron

Oh my,
It's hot!
Montpellier's heaving,
The tram's are packed,
Squashed in.
It's sale time.
The cafés are overflowing,
Taking over the squares, 
Flags, banners and fairylights
To celebrate
C'est l'été...

Looking forward to a trip to the beach! 


Friday 24 June 2011

Fresh Talent: Sam Falconer

This isn't the first time I've written about old English nursery rhymes and it won't be the last. I'm a big kid at heart and I'm always delighted to find new interpretations of some of my favourite childhood ditties, especially when they're as fun as these digital collages by London-based illustrator Sam Falconer.

I discovered Sam's work when reading about the recent Kingston University Degree Show.  Inspired by a love for science, narrative and the possibilities of digital collage, Sam's quirky, playful style lends itself perfectly to children's illustration (have a look at Atom) and animation. I love how Angus Dick has brought his art work to life in Balloon.

As always, I'm looking forward to following Sam's first steps into the professional world. A little birdie told me that he was hoping to work on a series of limited-edition books, including a collation of his nursery rhymes (I'll be first in line!), AND he started filling the shelves in his etsy shop last night!

Go on, treat yourself to a set of postcards or a print!
Sam's work will put a smile on your face, and make a young graduate very happy
That's what all this is about isn't it?

Thursday 23 June 2011

Another Day Up

I love this series of photos from new-to-me

My images of the day, from my blog of the day

Un Grand Bravo à la Fille de la Plage!

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Lovely Pigeon's Circus Friends

Ladies and Gentlemen, Roll up! Roll up! 
Come on down to our circus, won't you?
We'll make you smile, we'll make you laugh,

We have lots of friends 
Such a treat for your little ones
On a rainy or hot, sunny day.

You know I can never resist a great circus, especially when it features a bespectacled bear and a cheeky monkey and is made out of paper!

Kirsty Thomas loves handlebar moustaches, monchrome pattern and clever animals, can you tell? Her new circus cards are delightful - perfect for framing and for adding a quirky note to any child's room - and I think her cut & make set would make a fun birthday gift or stocking filler, encouraging plenty of storytelling and imaginative play.

I have only recently discovered Lovely Pigeon and will be bookmarking Kirsty's shop in my faves. Have a look at her Animal postcards and teatowel,if you like her style. I've a feeling there's lots more to come - so watch out, Lovely Pigeon is here to stay.