Thursday 31 December 2015

Have Fun!

Here's to 2016 - the best year ever!
Have fun this evening.

Thank you for following me here and elsewhere. I truly appreciate your loyalty, friendship and support - off and online.

Let's make it a great one - my 50th...golly gosh!

I'll let you fill in the blanks!

Deb xxx

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Bonne Année ! 

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Inspiration: Ruke

Three is a magic number, I always say.

Take this trio - a photographer, a model and a natural knitwear designer - and watch what happens when you bring them together to shoot an AW15/16 lookbook.

Powerful, beautiful stuff!

Neringa Ruke, I love everything about your Lithuanian slow fashion brand for women and children. Thank you Springjuste for bringing it to my attention.

Model: Dinara

Designer: Neringa Rūkė

Photographer: Justė Boreikaitė

Thursday 3 December 2015

Inspiration: Evergreen

 Bonsoir !

I know, it's been a while. Life is complicated here right now.
 I'm sorry for being so quiet.

I don't know about you but I can't seem to get in the Christmas spirit this year.
I'd be quite happy to just jump in the car and drive off to a log cabin in the woods somewhere, far, faraway from everything. Mother Nature is the best healer for me.

With this in mind, I've put together some very special links leading you to gifted makers, new shops and creatives.

My Mood of The Day

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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Every Picture Tells a Story #14

Oh là là !

I bet I'm not the only one that's been waiting patiently for Via Martine's new collection of model photo posters and cards. Elvera gave us glimpses of her gorgeous styling on Instagram, and as soon as I saw that woman's beautiful eyes, I knew she would be my favourite.

We never go over the top with presents at Christmas but this print is at the top of my wish list.

OK Santa?

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Shop The Look #3

Et voilà ! In the space of three days it's Winter here!
Out with the woollies, on with the boots, hats, scarves and gloves - this looks like serious stuff...

I find it quite amusing actually. Last week, we were carefree and coatless, walking round the village with a spring in our step - correction! with Spring in our step - , as if we'd  fastforwarded a couple of seasons and could start enjoying Le Printemps. Hélas ... the temperature's dipped into the minuses and the annual parade of parkas, duffels and sheepskins et al has begun.

Which leads me to this week's Shop the Look moodboard:

I don't expect you'll be too surprised to learn that I'm feeling homey and yearning cozy right now... Happy browsing!


Tuesday 17 November 2015

Just Grey

Grey, grey, 
What can I say?
Grey thoughts,
Grey, grey day.

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Don't forget that I'm also over at Plumes and Feathers!

Thursday 12 November 2015

Shop Watch: Owen and Hunter

 Naturals, Pale & Interesting, Blue & Linear and Floral  - OH yes, I knew that the brand new Owen & Hunter online popup store would be gorgeous!

I've been following Jane (of Tea with Ruby fame), one of the founders, on Instagram and Tumblr for a while and  I am always drawn to her simple, poetical styling. Needless to say, she also has a beautiful home.

Vicky Trainor, her OH partner, is the talented soul behind the The Linen Garden (Oh my, don't miss this!).  The two friends appear to complement each other perfectly.  I love their curation, their complicity and sensitivity. To be honest, there isn't one single item in the OH shop that I wouldn't like to see chez moi!

Owen and Hunter is a coming together of two like-minded souls with a thrifty nature and a magpie's eye. Together on their wanderings  gather pieces from days goneby. Spinning a tale and creating beautiful items to give as gifts or to fill your home with charm.

The OH online popup shop went live this morning and will be open for 10 days (closes Sunday 22nd November). For the time being, shipping is only within the UK ( a flat-rate postage fee).

Definitely one to bookmark wherever you live, and I for one am looking forward to seeing how these two creatives' develop their friendship and presence online in the future. 

Owen & Hunter - I just know they're going to be full of surprises...  

J'aime !

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Random Rules #2


Salut !

It's like late Summer here at the moment, in early November, c'est incroyable !
Needless to say, we've all been making the most of the sunshine, eating outside, sporting tees and generally enjoying the unusually clement weather. The locals keep telling me that we'll pay for it later, that we're in for a bitterly cold Winter, and they're probably right but... I listen, nod in acknowledgement and bite my lip to stop me from mentioning Here and Now.

I have been having a long hard think about my future online this past week. We're coming to the end of yet another calendar year, l've closed my shop, am changing direction with my blog to make it more "me", and heck yes, I will also be celebrating my 50th next year - that's a pretty major milestone, n'est-ce pas ? I'm still not 100% sure how I want to move forward virtually, so please bear with me for a while.

I am wondering if you still read blogs too? I do, only a handful, for their beautiful photography, original voice and/or authoritative nature, but I admit that I am often quite content to browse and post on IG, pinterest or Tumbler. 

Anyway, a few random thoughts from a busy week with the kids back at school and a garden begging for a huge dose of TLC.

I've managed to collect a few random faves, however. The web is buzzing with all kinds of exciting, inspiring work to share right now. I'd like to kick off the week with these:



Tuesday 3 November 2015

Inspiration: Blue Weave


It's raining outside, pouring it down in fact. School buses have been cancelled due to the bad weather and I am sat here drinking a mug of tea wondering if it's too early to light a fire!

I'm back with my Autumn blues as you can see. I am completely into denim at the moment, and I'm certainly ready to throw on a few chunky knits. It's browns and blues then for me and our home. I'm craving cozy, comfy and well-crafted, how about you?

I hope you enjoy this small selection of art / fashion / textile finds. It's a Shop The Look of sorts and definitely my Mood of The Day!

Happy browsing - these links lead to some very special shops and creatives!

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Monday 2 November 2015

Home Again

Hello November!

I'm back at last after a wonderful trip "home" to London and West Yorkshire in the UK. Unfortunately, I broke my camera whilst I was there, so I'm taking this opportunity to share a few beautiful photos from Jo Headington's inspiring tumblr 

I love being outdoors up North, running through the heather on Ilkley Moors in the wind. 
I am happy here - although you can't really tell from this quick phone picture!

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Bonne journée !

Friday 16 October 2015

Autumn Blues




Surely it isn't the weekend already?
I'm sorry, it's been quieter than usual on here this week. I had plans, a blogging agenda, inspiring people and shops to share with you thenI decided I needed some "me time" after closing down my shop and changing direction online.
I've been busy, pottering at home, power walking, gardening and enjoying the cold but sunny autumnal days. I needed to switch off my laptop and live.

We're going to the UK next Thursday, spending a couple of days in London then up to "home" in West Yorkshire. I can't wait.

If you've ever been to Ilkley where I grew up you will know that it is Charity Shop Heaven! I love secondhand clothes, always have and always will. Style has nothing to do with money or labels in my humble opinion. I am always drawn to people who mix old and new with panache, be it in a relaxed or more refined way.

It's no secret that denim is on trend, and I am a very big fan of French vintage workwear. Obviously, it's fairly easy to find here, if you know where to look.

have a beautiful collection of vintage clothes in their etsy store.
Blues, Browns and Creams predominate right now
and that's just perfect for me.

I think you should take a peek if you like casual clothes with a story and style.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Inspiration: Tatami

Bonjour !

Let's start the week with some visual inspiration from Tatami-Antiques, an interesting online marketplace for antique and folk art pieces embodying the essence of Japanese art and culture. Seldom have I seen such a beautiful, handpicked collection of simple, timeworn objects with a soul. Love!

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Shop The Look #2

One last swim before Autumn sets in


As you can see, this week's Shop The Look post is inspired by the beautiful colours of Autumn, captured so perfectly in these fine art photographs by Lucy Snowe.

I hope you enjoy exploring the links below. They all lead you to equally enticing shops, or makers' and creatives' sites where I love to wander.

Image sources:


Bonne journée !