Friday 25 May 2012

Inspiration: Growing Up in El Fayoum

The children living in Hussam Elsheriff's village, Ezbet Tunis in El Fayoum Oasis, Egypt, have very few toys, often none at all. If they're lucky their mother will make them a soft doll filled with straw, or perhaps a car made from palm tree branches with soda caps for wheels. Ramadan lanterns and sugar figurines are a seasonal source of amusement but other than that, the green fields of the oasis are their most common playground.

They have no bedroom of their own, often sleeping in a corner of their house and spend much of their time farming with their parents in the fields. Catch and Chase, making kites from dead branches, unaware of the things they are missing... after spending some time getting to know them, Hussam tells me they are happiest children he has ever seen.

Thank you Hussam for these inspiring images and the glimpse into everyday life in rural Egypt.


  1. It's my pleasure, and in turn I thank you, Deborah for sharing this glimpse and these joyful faces from my village with all your readers out there :)

  2. Oh, what a touching story and wonderful photos. Yes, it is very inspiring. Thanks, Deborah.

  3. Great post! each time i really enjoy visiting your blog :)
    Lore xxx

  4. I like this...very important for children to not have everything served...but unfortunately almost forgotten these days...


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