Thursday, 12 September 2013

Inspiration: Emmas Wolf

My "coup de foudre" of the week.

Yes, it was love at first sight when I came across these unusual papier-mâché works imagined by UK mixed media artist Colette Bain of Emmas Wolf. Inspired by folklore and the uncanny, her little animals are often housed in vintage tins decorated with pencil, gesso, acrylic paint and collage.
Quirky but endearing, I'm sure some of these creatures would look delightful in a child's room.

Colette doesn't appear to have an online shop but exhibits frequently in the UK. She is currently taking part in the 21st Century Farmer show at Unit 12 (runs till 30th Nov 2013). 


  1. truly treasures! love the owl :)

  2. bliss, bliss, bliss

    thank you for finding and sharing. my heart is beating just that little bit faster xx

  3. Génial ! je comprends que ce soit un vrai coup de coeur !


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