Tuesday 15 October 2013

A Little Bit Of Toast



 Home from home, that's what it felt like when I was sat chatting to my mum and sister (congratulations Rachel!!!) in Toast House, Ilkley, a few weeks ago. As you can imagine, these little mother and daughter get-togethers don't happen often, so when they do, it has to be somewhere special.

This was definitely the right place. 


Toast House is a brand new coffee house in Ilkley serving one of the best cappucchinos I've ever had and an irresistible selection of original, homemade delights (salt caramel flapjack, winter carrot cake, courgette and coconut cake... could you say no?).

But that's not all. Natasha Byers & Lisa Jenkins, the owners, have exquisite taste. You need a good five minutes to take it all in. It's the kind of taste that makes you want to rush back home to redo your living room, experiment with vintage knick-knacks, wild flowers and candles! Contagious creativity, now that's an inspiring coffee shop!


 When you know that Lisa has a background in textile design and that after working with deaf and autistic children Natasha chose the life of a "sunny" vintage icecream van seller, it's easy to see why the place is so unique. Lisa's grandparents used to own a flour mill in Germany and much of the deco originated from there. It's smart, yet relaxed interior design; high ceilings, wood floors, industrial lighting  but also fresh-cut flowers, kids' drawings, a reading/play corner, old French finds and lots of lovely homey details.


Toast House is my kind of coffee shop.
I'd be there every day, if I could...

Why don't you give it a try?

22 Leeds Road, Ilkley, West Yorkshire


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