Monday 10 February 2014

Flash Forty


The French sales officially draw to a close tomorrow evening, so we're having a little sale over in the Kickcan & Conkers shop. Make the most of this super duper start to the week, with a 40% reduction on everything (that's right!!!). 

The special offer ends at midnight 11th February 2014.

Just enter "FlashForty" and enjoy!

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  1. Yes, I could get lost for hours on your site and as I read more -- postponing my packing. I'm leaving tomorrow with my oldest son for a weekend in London (he's 12) but, am reading that you know the Loumarin, too! Where to start, where to start! My parent-in-laws live "almost" in the Loumarin.. the last town from Aix and let's say that we are very happy for the reasons we have to visit this region, too! (My mother in law is originally Nicoise so that is also "our" region.) ... The hour is later than it should be for the amount I have left on our list and I am understanding how all of the fantastic influences that show up in your work... and also, have to say how much I love the hands on creating and expression I find time and time again in France. So there you go --- I'm thrilled that your in southern France, too! Bon nuit for now and thank you for making my day!


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