Monday, 13 October 2014

Inspiration: Down to Details

 Bonjour !

We're decorating on a budget at home, particularly this year as our eldest son is in private higher education. Dom and I are fine with that though, as we both love flea markets, charity shops and the local municipal skip! Bargain-hunting has always been our thing, and I think it's key to the making of a truly creative home.

We all know that it's the little details that count. 

The poetic, personal touch that makes all the difference.

I love the natural look, with lots of wood, so here are some interesting details that caught my eye recently. Do you have a favourite?

Thanks for the Inspiration:


  1. Those mirrors and chairs are great. Would excellent fit in our 50-ties appartment ;-)

    1. Five years ago I couldn't stand macramé ( I must have seen so much of it growing up in the 70's!) but now I love it, and those mirrors are great beautiful!


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