Friday 12 December 2014

New Collection Watch: Let Me Grow

 The best collections always begin with a story.
This one is about two girls who meet in one of my favourite places in London, 
Kew Gardens.
They visit the iconic glasshouses every month and gradually forge a lifelong friendship.


 The friends share the same dreams of travelling and note down their ideal botanical destinations in special stationery. They send each other postcards from favourite faraway places when they're apart and collect seeds which in turn grow into beautiful plants for all to admire.

 Let Me Grow

is a brand new collection by Severina Kids for STU.

Based on a tale of friendship, of a love of plants and nature,  Alejandra Salvatore has designed an extensive collection of goods for the stylish Argentinian store. Let Me Grow is on a much bigger scale than anything she has done before (she sowed the first seeds last Summer if you remember).

Fans of Severina Kids' signature style will not be disappointed. Let Me Grow includes a limited edition handmade doll with a selection of limited-edition handmade accessories, and a wooden memory game. I am also delighted to see that the talented Rigoberta del Tesouro has contributed to the collection again, designing handmade bonnets, crowns and tiaras for the dolls and little boys and girls. I love her work.

But that's not all. Ale has designed handmade soaps, paper tablecloths, cardboard coasters, bed linen, serigraphed pillows, handknitted garlands and handknitted mushrooms. Her two little lady friends like to celebrate their birthdays with a picnic in the Spring you see.

There's stationery too - notebooks, sketchbooks, wrapping paper, stickers, paper garlands, paper tags, a market list. Nothing has been left out, and as you can see, everything is so beautifully and delicately presented.

Let Me Grow
is already on sale at STU (doesn't it look special on display!) in Buenos Aires.
It will be available for worldwide distribution shortly (  more info  or Severina Kids).

A wonderful collaboration and collection.
May it blossom in 2015!

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  1. I have Let me Grow in my objets proposal of Almacen Feliz and we love all ! <3


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