Thursday 12 November 2015

Shop Watch: Owen and Hunter

 Naturals, Pale & Interesting, Blue & Linear and Floral  - OH yes, I knew that the brand new Owen & Hunter online popup store would be gorgeous!

I've been following Jane (of Tea with Ruby fame), one of the founders, on Instagram and Tumblr for a while and  I am always drawn to her simple, poetical styling. Needless to say, she also has a beautiful home.

Vicky Trainor, her OH partner, is the talented soul behind the The Linen Garden (Oh my, don't miss this!).  The two friends appear to complement each other perfectly.  I love their curation, their complicity and sensitivity. To be honest, there isn't one single item in the OH shop that I wouldn't like to see chez moi!

Owen and Hunter is a coming together of two like-minded souls with a thrifty nature and a magpie's eye. Together on their wanderings  gather pieces from days goneby. Spinning a tale and creating beautiful items to give as gifts or to fill your home with charm.

The OH online popup shop went live this morning and will be open for 10 days (closes Sunday 22nd November). For the time being, shipping is only within the UK ( a flat-rate postage fee).

Definitely one to bookmark wherever you live, and I for one am looking forward to seeing how these two creatives' develop their friendship and presence online in the future. 

Owen & Hunter - I just know they're going to be full of surprises...  

J'aime !

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  1. My comment can't have saved properly, promise I left one yesterday!

    Thank you ever so much for this Deborah it means so very much to us. Vicky and I have been friends for many years, she's part of my family. This little venture of ours will run for many a year in many different forms as long as we do it together with lots of laughter along the way!

    Love Jane x


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