Monday 27 April 2015

Noji Mayu and the Art of Display

Well Hello There Monday!

Yes, that's right, despite the rain and dull, grey skies, I'm in a great mood today!
The school holidays are over, we're all rested and refreshed, and I have lots and lots of work to do.

As busy as a bee, that's me!

I'd like to start this final week in April (already? How an earth did that happen??) with a new favourite instagram feed of mine. You may have noticed that I've become something of an IG addict lately.  I took six months off at the end of last year so I guess I'm making up for lost time...

Noji Mayu is a beautifully curated Japanese shop. I have been following their Instagram gallery for a while and really love their linen clothes,wooden objects, minimalist artwork and styling. It's simple, raw, natural and calming - exactly the kind of look we are trying to achieve in our home. 

Noji Mayu runs a small e-store but it appears to sell out very quickly. It's a shame because Tanaka Rabotamo's silk-screened black and white calendar would have looked perfect in my work space! 

If only Japan wasn't so faraway...

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