Friday 5 June 2015

It's Pool Time!




Envie de fraicheur, de nager longtemps, jour et nuit.
Il fait chaud,
terriblement chaud,
Et j'adore ça.

Oh my, I love it here when it's hot!
I am looking forward to spending this weekend by the pool.
I'm going to induldge in some proper magazine reading (about time too) starting with this little gem that arrived last week. Polish is good, it's different, inspiring, out of my comfort zone, I need that right now.

I've also treated myself to the latest issue of In Clover and have a couple of other new publications bookmarked for this Summer. Any more suggestions?

Talking of treats, I may spoil myself for my birthday.
I love Frieda's Mellema's artwork and styling, all of it.

I have a soft spot for textiles and her latest series of prints on fabric based on a group of collages called "Le Ciel Peut Attendre" is fresh, modern and poetical.

The prints measure approximately 36 x 37 cm and cost 15 EUR each + postage/packing.

Send Frieda an email if you're interested in buying anything ( but leave a few for me!!!), and give yourself 10 minutes to browse her beautiful site.

Is very special.

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