Monday 7 September 2015

Inspiration: Balance Restored



Hello September!

I know, I'm late, half-intentionally.

Summer was good, really good in fact.

Loyal readers near and far, I really needed a break.

Like many of you, I have been online for a long time, and this spring I started to feel pretty apathetic about blogging because I guess I was in a rut.  Social networks are forever changing and many of us have decided to switch to instagram and pinterest for an instant fix of visual inspiration. I like this blog, I'm proud of it, and I don't want to just share images all day long. In June I came to the conclusion that I had been doing too much, writing for other sites, working on my shop, pinning, tweeting, tumbling, IGing, FBing, ello-ing... the list goes on. It was definitely time to hit the pause button, hence the sporadic, virtually non-existent posts.

So, we went on holiday. I spent two wonderful months with my family and friends. I went home, back to my roots, visited London, reconnected with my "old self" and enjoyed "being" offline.

I've made a few important decisions about my future.
It's good to have a new sense of direction.
I've found my bearings, 
restored some balance

ça fait du bien !

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