Tuesday 6 October 2015

High Five #91

OK, I'm going to use the 'C' word - Christmas.

I've just placed an order for two of these beautiful posters from SOFFA Magazine's website, and I'm feeling rather smug. I mean, for once, I'm actually in advance... I'm reorganising my life, freeing up more time for myself and my family, and doing my very best to enjoy every single day. Try it! I'm certainly being more productive, and if I ban myself from touching anything with a screen on it for a few hours, I get so much done!

So, Xmas shopping (on a budget) has begun... Take a look at SOFFA's A2 poster collection, there's something for everyone, including kids, and at 10.50 EUR per print, why not treat yourself as well? Oh, go on!


  1. Thank you Kickcan & Conkers for helping us promote this calendar! We absolutely appreciate the support and cannot wait to send you your calendars!

    - SOFFA Magazine

    1. I am still waiting for my posters, is there a problem do you think???


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