Sunday 27 March 2016

Golden Brown, Texture Like Sun


Bonjour !

Happy Easter to all those celebrating today!

It's raining here, so quite honestly I just feel like staying under the covers and lounging around at home all day.  But, I promised myself that I would go for a run or a very long power walk at the least. 
I will do, later. I'm know.

Getting fit again, spending as much time as I can outdoors, is one of my priorities now. I crave nature, open spaces and the exquisite opportunity to spend sometime alone. I'm sure you all appreciate how vital a bit of "Me" time can be...

I am also longing for Summer, to feel that strong Mediterranean sun on my skin, slowly toasting me golden brown - I'm a Leo girl through and through. We turned the clocks back last night and all I can think about is enjoying a very early morning swim in the pool, listening to my kids playing out late in the garden with the swallows.

Bientôt - soon - j'ai terriblement envie ...

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Bonne journée !

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