Monday 23 April 2012

High Five #19

I know it's not 'brand, brand' new (does it always have to be?), but Stefania Manzia's Seasons print is just so pretty, and perfect for my youngest niece's birthday.

I've been looking for something special for a while and when I discovered this Italian illustrator's "Journey on the Orient Express" card set a few weeks ago (an ideal gift for her older, teenage sister), I knew that I was on to something good.

Of course, like me, many of you will have seen Stefania's work for the first time in Babiekins Magazine. I love her style and soft colour palette, and can definitely see her work appealing to young and old alike.



  1. very nice and so are the dogs in the pot below...

  2. It's brand new to me so thanks for sharing - gorgeous!


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