Tuesday 24 April 2012

Pasila Design

 Juna - Wooden train set inspired by Helsinki metro

Mopo - Kickbike (transforms into a two-wheeler)

 Keinu - Swing

Tuoli - Parents' / kids' chair / baby slide

Auto - Cot / walking cart / toy car / storage space 

Watch out for Pasila Design!
This small Finnish family-run business has big, big plans, and if these five prototypes from its debut children's furniture and toys series presented at Salone Satelite in Milan are anything to go by, they'll definitely go far.

I love that bright orange train, and can already see it being a hit this Christmas!

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  1. Fantastic!!!!!!! I love they motto : “When beautiful objects are hard to find, you have to make them yourself!” Exactly ! ;-D have a great day, and thank you for showing it! I wish them good luck!


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