Tuesday 27 August 2013

Inspiration: Pattern Play


We're redecorating our kids' bedrooms at home this week, painting everything white, black and grey, as they ordered! I have to say I love all-white rooms with just a few bright touches here and there.

This morning I pinned a photo of one of Martha Clippinger's installations.
How nice it would be to do something similar in a child's space.

Playing with pattern

I hope you enjoy this small collection!

Thanks for the inspiration:

The Polka Dot Club - Images 1 & 10 (love everything here! )


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  1. oh lucky you! We are also busy with the new boy's room. My older son told me yesterday that : " white, gray and black are the saddest colors of the world " and ask me why II'm painting all so dark ? ....I'm in trouble. Today I'm sewing new pillows from fabrics he selected...and we just ordered some nice light balls ...in green, blue and orange! I try to teach him, that he has a nice calm basic in his room and now he can play with all colors he likes. Wish me luck! He is 7!


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