Monday 5 August 2013

Inspiration: Polina Karpova

Good Morning!

I'm thrilled to start the week with a quick trip to Moscow to share the beautiful work of Polina Karpova. I've been following her on Facebook for quite a while, and hope this little peek into her handmade world will encourage you to do the same.

  Polina works for a Russian children's cancer charity but she's also a young mother who loves making things for her family and friends. Her paper houses must make the most delightful gifts, and her handmade story books are really quite exquisite. 
I love every single detail.

 Polina's latest creative task was to prepare some indoor activities for her little boy's birthday party. You can see her full set of photos on facebook, but this handpainted map with cardboard box buildings really caught my eye. 
Hours of entertainment there!


A hidden treasure
The kind I love.
I hope you'll be inspired!


  1. beautiful, playful work. you can see that it comes from the heart. thank you for featuring talents that I don't find anywhere else!


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